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You can accomplish the change you desire. I have the tools you need.

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Mindful Hypnosis

Hypnosis Helps You Achieve Your Goals

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Hypnosis is a self-help tool that allows you to communicate within your subconscious mind to embrace the right choices for your life. 


 Hypnosis can help you achieve goals that may seem impossible through will power alone. 

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Hypnosis helps you achieve exactly what you want.  

Mindfulness, hypnosis and meditation put you in charge of your joy!

Hypnotherapy allows you to review and edit deeply held beliefs; and teaches your mind to see different choices. 
It is fun and easy to learn.

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Hypnosis helps eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and makes your goals easier to achieve.  Hypnosis is a stand alone, self-regulated profession and Not a licensed medical profession.  When used correctly, hypnosis can help you tap into your body’s natural healing abilities – so you create a healthy mind, body, and spirit. 

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Hypnotherapy is proven to help in hundreds of scientific research studies.

Hypnotherapy is safe, effective, and proven to help reduce stress and discomfort, hurtful habits, and have you think and feel your very best.  

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Hypnosis for
Overcoming Fears

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Hypnosis for Healing
& Chronic Pain

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Hypnosis for Stress Relief


 Linda Weber Spradling Cht, CCT, CHI
 Trained, Skilled, and Practiced Hypnotherapist

Linda Weber Spradling with Dr. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas

I can help you find inner strength and harness the tremendous power of your subconscious mind. Empowerment is my ultimate goal. 

I specialize in spiritual hypnosis and help you tap into your own divine wisdom. I also teach meditation and mindfulness. 

My Training & Experience


  • Clinical/Medical Training -Hypnotherapy Academy of America

  • Hypnosis Instructor - International Hypnosis Federation

  • Mindfulness Coach - International Hypnosis Federation

  • National Guild of Hypnosis -Stress Relief Training

  • Metaphysical practitioner- School of Metaphysics

  • Healing Touch Therapist

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